Every driver is legally obligated to carry insurance on his or her vehicle, and this holds true even with temporary car insurance, when you will only be using the car you are driving for a short while. Examples of such times you would need that kind of policy could be when you’re on the road during a vacation or a business trip and are renting a car, when you’re in between cars and are borrowing a car, or when you’re driving someone else’s car.
In short, any time you plan to use a car for a temporary amount of time, it’s a good idea to carry a temporary car insurance policy before you hit the road. These policies frequently last 6 months or less and can cover you in the event of an accident and in a variety of other circumstances. In some cases, your regular car insurance policy may cover rental cars, so it’s also a good idea to make sure you actually need temporary auto insurance before buying coverage on top of a regular car insurance policy you already have for your regular, long-term vehicle.

What is Covered With Short Term Car Insurance?

The kind of short term car insurance coverage you get will depend on on what kind of temporary car insurance you purchase, so be sure to read all policy information carefully to know what you’re getting. A few potential coverage options are liability, collision coverage, comprehensive coverage, towing, loss of use, uninsured and underinsured motorists, and medical payments. In the event of an accident, you’ll be glad to have the coverage of a temporary auto insurance policy!

How Much Does Temporary Auto Insurance Cost?

As with regular auto insurance, temporary auto insurance prices vary based on a number of factors including your age, driving history, the kind of car you want to insure, how you will be using the car, and how long you need the temporary car insurance for.
It’s a good idea to shop around for many quotes to find the best rates on cheap temporary car insurance. Get a quote on temporary auto insurance from Cheap Car Insurance today!

How to Get Cheap Temporary Car Insurance Quotes?

It is easy to locate cheap and temporary car insurance today with the advances in the internet. Simply type in the key words and in seconds you will have hundreds of options to choose from. Many times quotes and information are available without obligation.
Typically by providing some basic information such as age, gender and zip code you can quickly get a quote for car insurance. There are many types of affordable car insurance options available for drivers with a variety of driving history. If you are looking for cheap or temporary car insurance, spending the extra time to locate just the policy may result in money savings in the long run.

Tips for Price Shopping

Always shop around before you decide. Do not settle on auto insurance just because the price sounds good. Ask questions and do the proper research to find the right auto insurance that will meet your coverage needs.
Have your information handy, including these things: make and model of your automobile, your age and your zip code. This will allow you to get the best, most accurate information that will result in a quote that will be much closer than a generic quote. Be sure and gather several price quotes before you decide on the best option for you.
Be sure to ask about obligation, available discounts or other money saving opportunities that may not be well advertised through your search.
If you find quotes that interest you, always make a phone call before signing on to any insurance obligation. Speaking with a customer service representative will allow you to ask questions rather than just signing on to a webpage.
Once you have a few quotes, if you have an existing car insurance agent, call him or her and discuss the quotes you have. Your car insurance agent may be able to match the prices offered through other agencies.
If you have a poor driving record, tickets, insurance lapses or other things that may affect your insurance costs, ask first about these things upfront before you waste your time obtaining quotes that may not be applicable to your situation.
Research local auto insurance companies, because sometimes going local may be worth the time you will spend. Many local insurance companies may not have the technological advances or budget to advertise using the internet, yet they may have worthy car insurance options at discounted prices.

Money Saving Tips

Search your local area for defensive driving classes or informational sessions that may be offered in your community or through your employer. These are often free or low cost classes that offer insurance reduction points, which can save you money on temporary car insurance.
Discuss coverage options you don’t need and are thinking of removing from your policy with your auto insurance carrier, or if you don’t have one discuss it when you are price shopping. Depending on the year of your vehicle, dropping some of your coverage or changing your coverage or deductions if possible may result in savings on temporary auto insurance of up to hundreds each year. This will vary with each individual circumstance.

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