A Car Maintenance Guide for the Novice

For the vast majority of auto drivers, a car is something that you get into, start-up and drive. And, the only concern is whether you have enough gasoline in the tank to get you where you want to go. However, a car is a very complex machine with many parts that are important to driving safely. And, whether you are a brand new driver, a senior citizen who has been driving for decades or a driver with experience that lies somewhere in between, it is important to understand to have a basic understanding of how an auto functions.

There are many parts of the automobile that drivers need to be concerned with including the oil levels, tire pressure, tire tread, brake quality and many others. Some of these items need to be checked or addressed by auto repair professionals. However, many auto related maintenance items such as oil levels and tire pressures can be monitored by even drivers that can’t tell the difference between a dipstick and a drive shaft.

To help even the most inexperienced driver without any auto maintenance knowledge, we have put together a number of helpful resources aimed at helping learn about how a car works, what to watch for when something goes wrong, getting information on what to do and when to keep your car running properly and even provide you with some ways for do it yourself maintenance. With this information you will be able to make sure that your car is running properly and to avoid any possible problems. By having a properly maintained auto, you will reduce the possibility of having car problems and will be able to drive it safely.

How an Auto Works

  • How My Car Works – Helpful page which provides drivers with information on how a car functions.
  • Car Physics – Informative page which deals with many of the forces at work in autos such as force, power and resistance.
  • Physics and Car Safety – Useful page to learn more about the effect of physics on car safety.
  • What Makes a Car Go – Information on the factors of energy and momentum in making a car go.
  • How Does a Car Work? – Simple article aimed at kids to teach them basic facts on how a car works.
  • How a Car Engine Works – Video which explains the process of how an auto engine works.

Troubleshooting Your Car

Proper Car Maintenance

DIY Auto Maintenance

  • Car Maintenance Tips – Article which provides eight easy to do money-saving maintenance tips.
  • DIY Projects – Listing of several projects that could be done by car owners.
  • Car Maintenance Tasks – Information on eleven easy to perform car maintenance tasks that could be done at home.
  • DIY Auto Guide – Helpful guide for car owners that can do various maintenance tasks.
  • Care and Repair – Informative page which helps owners learn about proper care and repair that can be done by anyone.
  • DIY Auto Repair – Helpful page which provides guidance in performing tougher repair tasks.

Helpful Hints

  • Automotive Repair Help – Page which offers information on common auto repair problems.
  • Repair Guide – Web site which contains information on repair issues for various makes and models of cars.
  • Easy Car Care Tips – Article providing information on a number of common car care tips and suggestions.
  • Car Care Advice – Informative page from Motor Trend which lists several resources that can provide drivers with car care advice.
  • Car Care Tips – Helpful article which lists the top ten car care tips.

Auto Resources

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