Shopping around for auto insurance has never been easier! Simply fill out one quote request form and receive up to five auto insurance quotes from licensed agents representing hundreds of A+ auto insurance companies. With so many quotes to choose from, you’ll be sure to find the best coverage at the lowest rate.
Safety Factors that decrease insurance premiums. Trying to find a cheap car insurance company is one thing. Doing your homework to find out what factors decrease your premiums is another. Safety features are the best way to decrease your overall car insurance premiums for any type of car you may own. Of course you have the standard safety features and the non-standard one. Non-standard features such as anti-lock brakes and side impact air bags are good examples of things that make your monthly payments cheaper.
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Finding cheap car insurance today to suit your needs can be quite difficult. You need to make sure you are getting the right coverage and at the same time be able to afford it. The first thing to remember is that every insurance company is different and you must do research before making a final decision. Comparing the rates of many different companies is not just an option today, but a must when trying to find cheap car insurance. If you compare enough companies, you will be able to find the coverage that you can afford.
The rate of your car insurance will depend on many things: location, driving record, age, type of car and the coverage needed. Many companies will offer discounts to drivers. You could be eligible if you have a good driving record, insure multiple cars or have taken a defensive driving class. Discounts are also offered for safety devices that have been installed on a car or if you put very few miles on the car in a year.
If you want a cheaper insurance premium, choose higher collision and comprehensive deductibles. Changing your deductible from $300 to $1000 will save you hundreds off of your insurance premium. Reducing the insurance coverage on older cars will alo lower your costs. If you have an older model car, drop the collisions and comprehensive on the policy. This is one of the best ways to get cheap car insurance.
There are some things that you can do to change your current car insurance policy and make it a cheap one:

      1. Ask about a multiple car discount if you own more than one car. Many insurance companies will give a discount when multiple cars are listed under the same policy. Usually insuring a second car does not cost that much more than the first.
      2. Choose a one year policy over a six-month. Deciding to accept a yearly policy over one that is for six month can save you money. With this policy, the rate cannot be changed for one year instead of every six months.
      3. Look into group discounts that are offered. There are many insurance companies that offer group discounts to those who are part of certain organizations. Some organizations will include colleges or credit unions.
      4. Install theft devices on your car. Most new cars already come with theft devices, but not all do and most older cars do not. Usually all theft devices will get a discount. All states are different and may provide discounts for different items.
      5. Lower some of your coverages. Just lowering some of your basic coverages can save you money on your policy. Comprehensive and collision should be the first to consider. Also look at lowering the liability and medical payments.
      6. Double check your mileage. There is a cut off for the number of miles driven for work. It will depend on the actual miles that you drive that will put you into different classes for your policy.
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