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Colorado, home to the beautiful “Mile-High City” and the never-ending Rocky Mountains, boasts some of the most scenic ranches and properties in the U.S. Cool summers and breath-taking ski resorts continue to lure vacationers from the world over. Taking a drive through the “Centennial State” can relax the stressed and excite the bored. To help with driving in this picturesque state, has organized this list of helpful Colorado car insurance information, keeping every driver safe and protected.

Average Colorado Car Insurance Rates:

  • State minimum liability in Colorado costs around $52 a month or $626 a year. Full coverage policies cost around $249 a month or $2,991 a year.

CheapCarInsurance pulls cost date from recent real time auto policy quotes across the state. Data is based on a driver profile of a single person with a clean driving record that is middle aged and drives a modern vehicle. 

Colorado Car Insurance

Cheapest Car Insurance Companies in Colorado

Insurance Provider:Minimum Liability:Monthly:Full Coverage:Monthly:
State Farm$618$52$2,556$213
Average Cost:$626$52$2,991$249

How Much Does Car Insurance Cost in My CO City?

See the chart below to search for the city in Colorado you live and the associated costs for state minimum liability & full coverage auto rates:

CO City:Minimum Liability:Monthly:Full Coverage:Monthly:
Acres Green$1,140$95$4,235$353
Air Force Academy$1,063$89$4,355$363
Alamosa East$760$63$3,479$290

Average Car Insurance Premiums in CO by Vehicle Type reports that Colorado’s auto insurance premiums, although historically above the national average, have fallen below during the last 10 years. Colorado’s auto premiums as a percentage of income have historically been below average but have inched up closer to the average as the state grows in popularity. Here is the average costs of car insurance state minimum coverage based on the type of vehicle you drive:

Vehicle TypeMinimum Liability:Monthly:Full Coverage:Monthly:
Car (4door):$670$56$2,394$199
Hybrid EV:$655$55$2,740$228
Luxury Coupe:$611$51$3,744$312

Minimum Requirements for Car Insurance in Colorado

New Driver License Requirements

To obtain a Colorado drivers license, applicants are required to first obtain an Instruction Permit. To be eligible for the permit, the applicant must pass the vision test, the written test and be able to present identification and proof of Colorado residency. Once the applicant has kept the Instruction Permit for 12 months, the applicant is eligible to take the final road test and be issued a regular drivers license. The following lists information regarding the tests:

How Much Does a DUI or Driving Violation Raise Auto Premiums in CO

Driving Violation:Minimum Liability:Monthly:Full Coverage:Monthly:
Clean Record$510$42$2,479$207
1 Speeding Ticket$589$49$2,908$242
1 At-fault Accident$723$60$3,397$283
1 DUI/DWI Violation$682$57$3,178$265

How Does Age Affect Car Insurance Rates in Colorado?

Age is one of the key factors that can influence car insurance prices in Colorado, as it does in most states. Generally, younger drivers tend to pay higher premiums compared to older drivers due to statistical risk factors associated with age.

In Colorado, as in many other states, insurance companies typically consider drivers under the age of 25 to be more inexperienced and thus more prone to accidents. Consequently, they often charge higher premiums for this age group. As drivers gain more experience and reach middle age, their insurance rates may decrease, assuming they maintain a good driving record.

However, once drivers reach a certain age, typically around 65 or older, insurance rates may start to increase again. This is because older drivers may face challenges such as reduced reaction times and vision impairment, which can increase their risk of accidents.

See the average cost data for CO car insurance based on age groups:

Age:Minimum Liability:Monthly:Full Coverage:Monthly:
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