What good is a business if it doesn’t help those that help it?  We are passionate about giving to the community.  We will soon be detailing some of the various groups, charities, and events that we are involved with.  Some of the primary ways we do this include:

Local – Small Businesses

We were once a small business, and know how it is trying to discover the next step, or getting the right help.  Our commitement to actively contribute to small local businesses financially and through direct hands-on help, gives us something exciting and fulfilling to do.

Regional – Diversity

We are dedicated to equality and fairness, which is why we focus part of our giving efforts on groups who may not always be playing on an equal playing field; whether its a child needing a scholarship for college tutition because they come a disadvantaged home, or its a minority seeking to gain fair employment opportunities in the workplace, we are there.


While things can often be difficult at home, we support those who have even less opportunity for success, or even survival.  One of the ways we do this is through microcredit lending opportunities, which provides very small loans to entrepreneuers in developing countires.  We also donate to various relief aid efforts.

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