Have you ever played the game “I Spy” in the car or with friends? If you have, you probably know how much fun it is! For those who haven’t played it, this is how it goes. One person spots an item. It can be just about anything, from an ant to a car or a building. Suppose the person spots a dog. They would have to say “I spy something with my little eye, beginning with the letter D.” The other players would then try to name things that they can see around them that begin with D. Whoever names the correct thing first gets to spy the next item. Apart from playing in the car, we can also play I Spy in many other places – even online. There are many different types of I Spy games. Some are interactive online games, while others are printable pictures with a list of clues that have to be found. You can even find clue lists to take with you to certain places like around your neighborhood, to the beach, to camp, or museums. Once you read through the lists, you have to check off each clue as you find them. We’ve gathered a bunch of fantastic resources just for you below, where you can find heaps of fun I Spy online games for all sorts of themes, such as animals, outer space, countries, underwater, at home, and more. What do you think you might spy?

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