Building and collecting model cars is a great hobby for all different types of people from car enthusiasts to engineers. It appeals to men and women of all ages and backgrounds. In fact, building a model car can be made into a family affair between two or more creative relatives. Being involved with model cars is a great way to preserve the history of automobiles. It’s also beneficial in that it keeps the brain active and the fingers precise. There are many types of model car enthusiasts. Some just like to collect pre-constructed models from brands such as Matchbox or Hot Wheels. Others enjoy constructing the cars themselves from kits or even from scratch. Oftentimes these models are scaled replicas of real functional cars. They may be classic vehicles such as a Chevrolet Chevelle or a fictional car from a film or television show such as the Bat mobile. Some enthusiasts don’t care a bit about appearance and don’t have the slightest interest with making a car look realistic. They instead aim to build a powered model car that can travel at high speeds. For these individuals, the building process is not about scale and aesthetics but rather science and engineering. Slot cars are a nice balance between the two as are some RC cars. They combine the appearance of a replica with varying degrees of functionality.

Model cars have existed about as long as actual cars. Original models were made of cheap material. Tin cars and trucks weren’t designed until the 1930s. Around this time, they were mostly used as promotional tools for automobile manufacturers. Zinc models followed after the Second World War and the Matchbox brand was trademarked in the 1950s. This was also the time when model kits for consumers to assemble themselves started growing in popularity. The replica model kits were probably most popular during the 1960s, but model car building still has a fan base today. In fact, with the Internet, it has become easier than ever to obtain starter kits and supplies. The Internet is an invaluable resource. People are using it to sell model car supplies, to explore the history of the models they construct and also to post pictures of their completed masterpieces. Below you can find fifty beautifully alphabetized model car resources for model car veterans and newcomers alike.

  1. 1/87 Vehicle Club
  2. All About Model Cars
  3. American Miniature Racing Car Association
  4. Bare Metal – A shop for custom model car materials
  5. Build a Chemical-Powered Car with Household Products
  6. Building Model Cars with your Children or Grandchildren
  7. Classes of Slot Cars
  8. Classic Model Car and Boat Kits
  9. The Collector’s Guild – A Canadian Dealership
  10. Every Collector Should Visit the Elite Toy Museum in Texas
  11. Examples of Model Kits, Slot Cars and Die-Cast Models
  12. Extensive Tips for Building Better Model Cars (PDF)
  13. Fuel Cell Car Competition for Chicago Middle School Students
  14. A Gallery of Model Car Designs from 1960 to 2001
  15. The History of Model Cars
  16. A History of the Models of Yesteryear
  17. Hot Wheels Collectors
  18. A Hub for Articles on Collecting Model Cars
  19. Hydrogen Fuel Cell Model Car Challenge
  20. Information about the 85+ Model Kits Designed by Tom Daniel
  21. Intro and Safety Tips for Model Car Building (PDF)
  22. Matchbox Memories
  23. Model Bus Federation
  24. Model Design is a Great Test of Skill and Dedication for Boy Scouts
  25. Model Roundup – A source for hard-to-find Model Car Kits
  26. Models of Drag Racers
  27. NASCAR Model Gallery
  28. One Man’s Collection
  29. One More Man’s Collection
  30. Protect Your Work with Model Car Display Cases
  31. Perry’s Resin
  32. Photos in Information about some Classic Model Cars
  33. Pictures of Die cast Matchbox, Hot Wheels and other Miniature Cars
  34. A Resource for Collectors of Die cast Models
  35. Scale Corvettes
  36. Scale Visions – Making Model Corvettes
  37. Search the Database of Matchbox Cars
  38. Some Enthusiasm for Building Model Cars (PDF)
  39. Tamiya Official Web Page with Backgrounds of Each Model
  40. Tips for All Aspects of Model Car Construction
  41. Tips for Beginner Modelers
  42. Tips for New Modelers
  43. The Ultimate Site for People Serious About Building and Racing RC Cars
  44. View Pictures of Model Cars of All Types
  45. Volkswagen Toys and Models
  46. Weber Precision – Making Scale V8 Engines
  47. What is Die Casting?
  48. What Alloy Should I Use When Die Casting?
  49. Who Collects Model Cars and Why?
  50. The World Record for the Fastest Model Car

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