Child passenger safety is one of the most important aspects when it comes to keeping children safe while riding in a vehicle. The child passenger laws have come a long way throughout the years. When it comes to securing your child, especially a young child in a vehicle, ensuring that they are properly buckled into a car seat is important not only for their safety but for the law. They should be in the proper car seat for their age, height, and weight. Having the child in one of the child safety seats while in a vehicle can save their lives if an accident were to happen.
Child safety seats play a major role in preventing death and injury for young children. In recent years there were approximately 500 passenger vehicle fatalities of children under the age of 5 years old. Of those 500, 175 of them were unrestrained while in the vehicle. Around 450 lives were saved by child safety restraint systems that include the adult belts and the child safety seats. Using child safety restraints can reduce fatal injury by 70% for infants and by 50% for toddlers that are age 1 to 4. These statistics are increasingly real, and they should be thought about before placing your child in the vehicle.
Having your child in a safety seat will provide them with a safe platform while riding in the vehicle. The seat will keep them above a certain level to keep them safe during an accident. Child safety seats aim to provide a safer experience for the child while riding in the vehicle. Some caregivers choose not to put their children in safety seats while in a vehicle and this can come with serious consequences.. Child safety seats are part of the law. If you’re pulled over and found that your child is not in the proper child restraint system than this could mean tickets and fines for you. Not to mention, a lot of states are now charging parents with endangering the welfare of a child when they are not properly placed in a child restraint system, or the right one within the vehicle. This is something to think about. Not only is your child’s safety in question when they are not in a protective car seat, but you can also be charged by a police officer and have to pay fines and perhaps face jail time because of this mishap.
The rest of the article will go on to give explanations, graphs, and charts on what is expected when it comes to child restraint systems.. Doing the proper research on the child safety seats out there, and putting your child in the correct one that is correctly positioned and strapped in the car can provide you with peace of mind, as well as a safety platform for your child in the even that an accident occurs. This is something that should be deeply thought about since protecting the well being of your child should come first and foremost in the vehicle and everywhere else.
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