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Is Cheap Full Coverage Car Insurance Possible? Yes… It Is

Conventional wisdom says that the more car insurance coverage you want, the more it will cost. So if you want full coverage, meaning a combination of policies beyond basic liability, it’s going to cost more than paying for just one type of coverage. And all of those different policies start to add up.
Making sure you’re thoroughly covered doesn’t have to break the bank, though, and there are plenty of ways how to get cheap full coverage car insurance.

What Full Coverage Car Insurance Actually Means on the Road

Even though the term gets thrown around, “full coverage” isn’t actually a type of insurance policy, nor does it mean you’re protected from anything and everything. Full coverage car insurance generally refers to any policy that provides more than the liability coverage that most U.S. states require to pay for any harm you cause to other people and property. It usually consists of a combination of policies that include comprehensive, collision and liability insurance.
Collision coverage pays for your own vehicle’s damages in a crash, while comprehensive insurance covers any damages not caused by a collision, such as a flood, fire or theft. A bonus of full coverage car insurance is that it includes car rental coverage. Comprehensive, liability and collision coverage on your personal car will extend that same coverage any car you rent, in case of an accident or damages.
As far as how “full” you want your full coverage to be beyond that, the sky’s the limit. You can enhance your policy to include additional protections, such as uninsured motorist and supplemental medical. It all comes down to how much you’re willing to pay.
But this begs the question: How can I get full coverage car insurance cheap? If you want good, cheap full coverage, it takes a little patience and some digging. The following is some insight into what you need to know.

The Best Way to Find Cheap Full Coverage Car Insurance Quotes

What you pay for auto insurance varies based on several different variables. Geography, risk level and age are three key areas that dictate how much full coverage car insurance costs.

Different States Have Different Rates

When you’re trying to find cheap full coverage car insurance quotes, where you live factors in heavily. So you may be wondering: Can I find cheap full coverage near me?
Ohio and Tennessee offer some of the nation’s cheapest rates, with car insurance in Ohio 34% less than the national average, and Tennessee car insurance premiums are 30% less.
Rates can vary drastically from state to state, and even states within the same region can see vastly different quotations. Florida car insurance is 21% more than the national average. Alabama insurance costs 5% less than the national average, and auto rates in Georgia are 4% lower than national.
The trend is similar in the southwest, Texas car insurance rates are 16% more than the national average. Drilled down even further, rates in San Antonio are 5% higher than the state average. But rates are much cheaper in Arizona, where residents pay 6% less than the national average.

What to Do If You’re a High-Risk Driver

Having a few blemishes on your driving record may dial up your rates, but there are strategies for finding cheap full coverage car insurance for high-risk drivers.
The good news for bad drivers is that those high rates aren’t permanent, and insurers won’t consider you risky forever. Drivers with an accident or a speeding ticket on their record will usually see their rates decrease within three to five years. Even with a DUI, rates should be back down within five to 10 years and could start falling in as little as three years.
The best way to get back in your insurer’s good graces is to maintain a clean driving record going forward. You may also consider taking a defensive driving course to lower your rates.
In the meantime, switching providers could help you find lower rates while you’re rebuilding your record.
Cheap full coverage car insurance — or any car insurance — can be harder to come by for customers with no license. But it is possible. Some companies will write policies for individuals who have a state-issued ID card. Researching different companies and their rules can help you pinpoint one that can help you.

Young Drivers Can Be More Exposed to Higher Costs

Drivers under 25 may face higher rates than their older counterparts, but it’s not impossible to find cheap full coverage car insurance for young drivers.
Insurance rates get better with time, too. Rates are highest for new drivers, but premiums become less expensive each year until the driver turns 25. So 21-year-old drivers can expect lower rates than 18 year olds.
Full coverage car insurance also tends to be cheaper for women. So it would cost less to insure a 20-year-old female driver than it would to cover a 20-year-old male.
There are more options for young drivers who are still in school. Many insurers offer a good student discount for maintaining a certain GPA. For college students
who are living away from their parents’ home, insurers may offer a student-away discount if the student does not plan to drive while staying on campus. Some insurers also offer the option of changing the student’s insurance status from primary to occasional driver.

How You Can Get the Best Cheap Full Coverage Car Insurance

If very cheap full coverage car insurance is your goal, here are some steps you can follow.

Shop Around and Compare Rates

Comparing quotes is key, and shopping for full coverage car insurance online allows you to evaluate plans from multiple car insurance companies side by side, and all in one place.

Consider Paying Up-Front Instead of Monthly Payments

Even if you’ve found affordable full coverage car insurance, coming up with the cash to cover the insurance deposit can be a challenge. Usually the more you pay up front, the lower your premium. If you’re strapped for cash, monthly payments with no down payment might be your best option. Your overall premium cost will be higher, but paying in installments can be more budget friendly if you prefer an option with no deposit. You can also split the difference by opting for quarterly or semi-annual payments.

Raise Your Deductible

Your deductible amount can raise or lower your premium. For lower overall rates, choose the highest deductible you can afford.

See If You Qualify for Any Insurance Discounts

Many companies offer car insurance discounts for bundling home and auto policies, insuring multiple vehicles and driving a car with added safety features. Safe driving is always your best bet for a discount.
It might seem impossible to enhance your car insurance choosing a full coverage option, but there are a number of benefits to expecting the best and planning for the worst. Follow our advice, and let Cheap Car Insurance do the work for you by delivering multiple full coverage car insurance quotes that fit your unique circumstances and budget.

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