Car enthusiasts come in all shapes and sizes. There are some men and women who just love their cars. They like to travel in them, show them off in car cruises, and spend time socializing with others who love their cars. A very special subset of these enthusiasts is those who own Chevrolet Corvettes. Introduced in 1953, these fiberglass cars were special right off the assembly lines. The folks who own Corvettes are a loyal bunch, and they will travel far and wide to visit car shows, cruise-ins, and charity events associated with some of the clubs. Following are sites dealing with the history of the Corvette as well as locations for clubs, car shows, magazines, and all other things associated with the Corvette.

History of the Corvette

Corvette Associations and Clubs


Car Shows

Blogs and Forums

For Sale

Parts and Accessories

Corvette Pictures

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