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Car enthusiasts come in all shapes and sizes. There are some men and women who just love their cars. They like to travel in them, show them off in car cruises, and spend time socializing with others who love their cars. A very special subset of these enthusiasts is those who own Chevrolet Corvettes. Introduced in 1953, these fiberglass cars were special right off the assembly lines. The folks who own Corvettes are a loyal bunch, and they will travel far and wide to visit car shows, cruise-ins, and charity events associated with some of the clubs. Following are sites dealing with the history of the Corvette as well as locations for clubs, car shows, magazines, and all other things associated with the Corvette.

History of the Corvette

  • History of the Corvette: Brief history of the Corvette and the developments that took place over the first decade.

  • Corvette History: Explores the history of the Corvette, its logo, and its uniqueness in contrast to other cars of the time.

  • Corvette Brochure: A Corvette Sales Brochure from 1966, complete with photos, features, and available colors.

  • Chronology of Important Technological Events: Facts and statistics of the production of the Corvette from 1953 until 1997.

  • The National Corvette Museum: The National Corvette Museum records and maintains the history of the Corvette.

  • History of the Emblem: History of the Corvette emblem, from its first logo prior to its production premier to the final emblem that debuted with the first car at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in 1953.

  • Chronology of Events in the History of Chevrolet Corvettes: Traces the history of the Corvette back to 1951 when the first prototype was conceived for a fiberglass car and continues through the years, reporting specific events, to 1999.

  • Kenora Corvettes: A timeline of Corvettes that were manufactured and notes about the specifics of production.

  • Corvette Early History: The early history of the muscle cars and, specifically, the Corvette, designed by Henry Earl.

  • Dallas Dream Cars: Explores the features and designs of the Corvette from 1963 to 1967, providing photos as well as performance details.

Corvette Associations and Clubs

  • National Council of Corvette Clubs: With members in both the east and the west, the NCCC boasts the title of the largest, volunteer-only, non-profit Corvette organization in the United States. They maintain a scholarship, many competitions, and even offer an NCCC credit card.

  • National Corvette Restorers Society: The NCRS is an organization dedication to the enjoyment, history, and restoration of the Corvette. There are chapters all across the United States. There are historical documents as well as photographic archives.

  • National Corvette Owners Association: With 18,000 members, the NCOA can boast that it is the largest Corvette organization in the United States. Networking is a primary focus of the club, for both socialization and fun, as well as for services such as repair shops, deals on parts, and discounts on Corvette publications.

  • Corvette Club of America: The oldest Corvette club in the United States, the CCA serves Maryland, Virginia, and the Washington, D.C. area. The club organizes races, car shows, cruises, and parties for its members. They have also created a “shop night,” whereby members gather to swap ideas and repairs on their Corvettes.

  • Northwest Association of Corvette Clubs: The NWACC, created in 1972, organizes individual clubs in the Pacific Northwest. One of their goals is to promote the image of the Corvette and to develop services to Corvette owners.

  • United Council of Corvette Clubs: The UCCC has chapters across the United States and sponsors an annual convention in which all chapters can come together to connect. This convention includes car shows, drag races, and other social get-togethers.

  • International Council of Corvette Clubs: The president of the ICCC promotes friendship, sportsmanship, teamwork, and knowledge of the Corvette. Quarterly meetings are held in various locations throughout the United States, and other social activities are held throughout the nation as well.

  • Western States Corvette Council: The WSCC was formed to create an “umbrella” club over small individual clubs so that they might enjoy the same membership benefits as a larger club. They still encourage additions of other clubs, and welcome others to take part in car shows, drag races, and rallies, across the western part of the United States.

  • Rochester Corvette Club:: This club began with one individual networking among Corvette owners in his area, and it has grown to include meetings, charities, and social events, as well as a store of gear for members to buy.

  • Just For Corvettes Club: This Sacramento, California, Corvette club participates in parades, fairs, and other fun social activities.

  • Coastal Corvette Association:: This Association has chapters in Georgia and South Carolina; their purpose to connect with other Corvette owners for cruise-ins, car shows, and social events.

  • Lost Caravan Corvette Club: The LCCC is internet-based and encourages members to get together throughout the year for car shows, activities, and one big cruise-in each year to connect with other members. Individuals can choose a lower annual fee for membership, or there is a lifetime membership available.

  • Corvette Club of South Florida: This club was organized in March of 2011 and has charity work as its focus, second only to enjoying Corvettes. The club was created to form friendships, provide financial support to the Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital Foundation, and to socialize with their cars.

  • Beachcombers Corvette Club: From Virginia Beach, Virginia, the Beachcombers Corvette Club is a member of the National Council of Corvette Clubs in the Eastern Region, and, therefore, enjoys the benefits of a larger organization. They participate in car shows, Autocross racing, and other social events.

  • Capital City Corvette Club: Michigan-based Capital City Corvette Club is also a member of the National Council of Corvette Clubs. The site offers apparel, event flyers, and opportunities for community involvement.

  • North Shore Corvette Club: Sponsored by Liberty Chevrolet in Libertyville, Illinois, the North Shore Corvette Club contributes to the community in activities such as collecting toys for local children and food drives. A charity car show is held in June for Father’s Day, and the NSCC also helps with driving schools.

  • Bel Air Corvette Club: This club has the publication of information on Corvettes and vehicle safety as one of its missions. It is one of the largest members of the National Council of Corvette Clubs, but they still work diligently to recruits new members.

  • Boone Trail Corvette Club: The only requirement to join the Boone Trail Corvette Club is to own at least one Corvette. There is a membership fee involved as well, and members can expect social activities, road trips across the country, and car shows as part of their experience in the club.

  • Greater New Orleans Corvette Club: Louisiana-based GNOCC was established in 1988 and prides itself on being a family-friendly club. Throughout the year they have picnics, travel to car shows, and either race, or cheer on those who race.

  • Texas Corvette Association: The Texas Corvette Association members join to take road trips, have parties, attend car shows, contribute to local charities, and participate in parades around the area. They stress the importance of safety on the highway and want to also preserve the history of the Corvette.


  • Corvette Fever: This online magazine has an extensive photo gallery, an events page, wallpapers for the computer, classified ads, and how-to projects.

  • Corvette Magazine: Contains articles, photo galleries, and technical advice as well as classified ads and links to Corvette Clubs.

  • Vette: Vette magazine is a paid print subscription with this corresponding site that offers a lifestyle section, blogs, forums, as well as technical advice and a club directory.

  • Vette Views: Now in its 40th year of publication, Vette Views magazine is the oldest magazine dedicated to Corvettes. Archived articles can be found on the website as well as links to Corvette parts, classified ads for the sale of Corvettes, and a business card file for networking opportunities.

  • Corvette Market: A search mechanism is provided for those looking for a particular vehicle. Resources for Corvette owners are provided, and a classified section is offered on this site, which corresponds to Corvette Market magazine.

Car Shows

  • Branson’s Annual Corvette Car Show Weekend Extravaganza!: This car show is held annually in Branson, and it features a large array of Corvettes. Their page includes links to nearby hotels, points of interest, and an events calendar.

  • Midwest Corvette Chevy Show: Held at the Porter County Exposition Center in Valparaiso, Indiana, this show has many corresponding events, a car auction, swap meet, a Corvette give-away, and, of course a Corvette car show.

  • Car Show News: This listing provides links to car shows across the country and is open for additions from other participants.

  • Corvette Expo: The Corvette Expo in Tennessee has an indoor/outdoor swap meet, a car cruise, a judged competition show, and a car auction.

  • Carlisle Events: More than 5,000 Corvette owners attend the Carlisle Events each year and participate in a parade, autocross, burn outs, and dyno testing as well as visit vendors, enjoy a swap meet, and try for a chance at a Corvette give-away.

Blogs and Forums

  • Corvette Forum: This forum is divided into sections for owners of different decades of Corvettes, and it also contains site links to accessory stores, driving schools, and parts vendors.

  • Corvette Blog: The many blog articles are divided by categories such as classic Corvettes, buying a Corvette, Toys, Corvette safety, and many others.

  • National Corvette Owners: This blog is open to those who wish to discuss Corvette topics such as internal and external engine performance, suggestions for upgrades, technical issues, and others.

  • Corvette Action Center: Readers can explore and participate in topics such as service issues, product evaluations, and technical articles, as well as photo galleries, events postings, and Corvette classified ads.

  • Corvettes: A history section is included on this blog site with open forums and photos to browse.

For Sale

  • Corvette Country: Maxie Price Chevrolet in Atlanta, Georgia, is the largest Corvette dealer in the Southeastern United States. Search selections make browsing easy.

  • Kelley Blue Book: Not just a site that will give a value to used vehicles, but also now a site that can use search prompts to find Corvettes for sale across the country.

  • Corvette Specialties: This classifieds site is designed for those looking for Corvettes as well as Corvette parts and services.

  • Magazine Corvette: This subscription-classified site posts pictures for Corvettes for sale and allows for searching for a particular model and year.

  • Corvette Trader Online: This California-based company provides links to many Corvettes for sale as well as other Corvette dealers across the United States.

Parts and Accessories

  • Ecklers Corvette: Buyers can purchase Corvette parts, exterior features, wheels, as well as gifts and apparel at this all-inclusive site.

  • Corvette Guys: Featuring free shipping on its parts, Corvette Guys provides a section of top sellers as well as pictures and tech articles.

  • Corvette America: Individuals can insert the make and year of their Corvette on the home page of this site in order to be directed to the correct area for purchases.

  • Corvette Central: Areas on this site are divided by year to minimize the number of selections when choosing a part.

  • Just Corvettes: Parts and service are advertised on this site as well as links to restoration vendors, an online auction, and Corvette news.

Corvette Pictures

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